Our History

135 years is an awfully long time to be in business. Established in 1875, Robert H. Parker & Sons is one of the oldest jewellery manufactures in Australia.

Robert H. Parker & Sons started out as one of the pioneering jewellery businesses in Australia and were one of the founding members of the Jewellers and Silversmiths Association of Australia.

The business was started by Robert Parker in 1875 making hand crafted jewellery from the precious gold and stones that were found in the area. Over time Robert introduced his sons to the business and slowly taught them the craft. Eventually the sons took over the responsibility of running business and carried on the reputation of creating high quality custom jewellery.

After 58 years of running as a family business it eventually it got to the stage where the two sons were looking to retire. In 1964  an employee James Durkin who had worked there for 20 years since being an apprentice took over the business and ran it for a further 20 years.

History then repeated itself when in 1984 James Durkin handed the business over to another loyal and long serving employee and past apprentice, Andrew Walsh.

Andrew has been running the business with the same trusted values and high standards of workmanship ever since. 

Andrew has over 45 years experience in the business, is a qualified manufacturing jeweller, registered valuer & trained gemmologist with a Diploma in Diamond Technology and extensive design credentials.

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